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My name is Kieran Coffey and I am the creator of MyGug. I am a water and wastewater engineer and have worked designing and installing small and large scale water and wastewater treatment plants for the last 25 years. My expertise is in Mechanical Engineering and  Environmental Technologies. I have a great interest in the natural world and our environment. I am  especially interested in technologies that contribute to a healthy natural environment and work towards slowing down the ill effects of climate change. One area that is of particular interest to me is anaerobic digestion. I think it is amazing that a culture of bacteria when fed organic waste can turn it into a usable energy. 

There are reported to be over 30 million basic small scale AD plants in China and about 4 million in India. Why are there not more micro AD plants in this part of the world? In thinking about this question I set about designing and building a micro scale AD plant suitable for use in all climates a number of years a ago. I was helped in this endeavour by securing a grant from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). 

The first MyGug was the result! We have operated this micro scale digester for over two and a half years and much has been learned in the process.. We have had a very positive experience with this technology. All our food waste is disposed of in a quick and convenient way.The MyGug digester then produces biogas which we use in our kitchen and this offsets our fossil fuel use. The icing on the cake is the liquid bio-fertiliser (digestate) which we now use to grow our own food. 

We now want to share the positive environmental advantages and user benefits of micro AD with many more people. Our goal is to provide products that are easy to use and are kind to the environment and help reduce green house gas emissions associated with food waste disposal. We want to provide an opportunity for all to contribute to the health of the planet in a way that is easy,convenient and cost effective. We want to share the benefits of creating energy for cooking and producing rich nutrient for plants at source as well as having a free food waste solution. Join us on our journey and see how MyGug can show you how to turn your food waste into a valuable and abundant energy resource and contribute to the better health of our environment. Connect with us on e mail and on social media today. 

Kieran Coffey

July 2020

MyGug is a complete Food Waste treatment system that fully integrates into a household/food business setting. It will operate in all weathers and climates from -20°C  to +40°C making it suitable for use in all climates. The system is fully automated and fully insulated.

There are a multiple of advantages to treating food waste where it is produced both for the user and for the environment. These are outlined as follows:

  1. Convenient and quick food waste disposal for the user
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. No odour or vermin issues as the system is fully enclosed
  4. Nutrient value of the food retained and reused locally in the form of liquid fertiliser
  5. Use of biogas for cooking and heating (off-setting use of fossil fuels)
  6. Reduced carbon footprint associated with the transport of waste
  7. Reduced disposal costs for the user
  8. Reduced energy/gas costs as biogas produced is used for cooking
  9. No mixing of food waste with other municipal wastes (where there is no brown bin collection) resulting in zero contamination and emissions associated with segregation of wastes or landfilling



Kieran Coffey and MyGug

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