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The unique design of MyGug

MyGug is a complete Food Waste treatment system that fully integrates into a household/food business setting. It will operate in all weathers and climates from -20°C in Northern Norway to +40°C in Southern Spain. The system is fully enclosed so there are no smells or vermin issues.

There are a multiple of advantages to treating food waste where it is produced both for the user and for the environment. These are outlined as follows:

  1. Convenient and quick  food waste disposal for the user
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. No odour or vermin  issues as the system is fully enclosed
  4. Nutrient value of the food retained and reused locally in the form of liquid fertiliser
  5. Use of biogas for cooking and heating (off-setting use of fossil fuels)
  6. Reduced carbon footprint associated with the transport of waste
  7. Reduced disposal costs for the user
  8. Reduced energy/gas costs as biogas produced is used for cooking
  9. No mixing of food waste with other municipal wastes (where there is no brown bin collection) resulting in zero contamination and emissions associated with segregation of wastes or landfilling



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