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Everything you need to know about MyGug

Q. How does it work?

MyGug uses a natural process called Anaerobic Digestion to convert your food waste to free sources of energy (biogas) and nutrient-rich biofertiliser


Q. How much food waste does it use daily?

The MyGug Mini can digest up to 2.66 kg of food waste per day...the food waste generated by 5-10 people (other models are in development).


Q. Can I dispose of both raw and cooked food?

Yes! MyGug will happily digest all of your cooked and raw food waste.


Q. Is it difficult to use?

No. When it is plumbed into a standard household setting, then simply plug it in and MyGug's automated design allows it to run without complication.


Q. Will it generate enough gas to cook dinner for my family?

Yes! No problem. MyGug will give you between 1-2 hours cooking time per day.


Q. How do I know when it's full ?

MyGug's fully automated system shows the user when it has reached it's capacity so that you don't overfill!


Q. Is it ok to dispose of non-food waste ?

No. This is a disposal system using a natural process to safely and efficiently dispose of food waste only…to do so would damage the system.


Q. How is it good for the environment?

By using MyGug, the need to store food waste in the home is no longer an issue, bin collections are no longer required, landfills are not needed and carbon emissions are reduced as you have a safe and economical method of disposing of food waste at home!


Q. Why is it Egg Shaped?

There are a number of reasons why it is egg shaped. The egg shape is really good for mixing the contents of the egg (no corners or dead zones for solids to settle in), the egg shape is inherently a very strong shape (from nature!) and finally and possibly most importantly, it looks good!


Q. Can I buy it now?

Yes and no. We are currently working on getting funding to be able to mass produce Mini Gugs (for domestic use) so it will be available to the consumer at a cost competitive price, we will keep this site updated as we get closer to production. We are however looking for a food business/es to build and test a "Mighty Gug" however, so if you are interested in this proposition please contact us.


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