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About MyGug

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Welcome to the website. We are delighted to introduce you to MyGug, a product that aims to solve all the problems we face with food waste in our modern world.
Are you a home owner or business owner?
Are you tired of dealing with food waste and all the problems it creates?
Are you interested in finding cheaper and renewable sources of energy that support our everyday needs such as cooking and heating?
Are you interested in finding a more sustainable way of living and contributing to a healthier greener future for us all?
If you are, we want to provide you with a long term sustainable solution for all your food waste. MyGug is a digester that uses the natural process of anaerobic digestion to convert your food waste into a usable biogas and a liquid bio-fertiliser. The biogas can be used directly in your home or business for cooking or heating and the liquid bio-fertiliser can be used for growing food.
We are passionate about supporting our customers in eliminating the negative environmental impacts associated with the disposal of food waste. MyGug will turn this food waste into a valuable resource. Our customers will gain many benefits with the use of MyGug.



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Address: Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland.

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