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The optimal green solution for food waste and a source of renewable energy for food business.


Are you a business that produces food waste on an ongoing basis?  Most businesses see food waste as a problem. It creates bad odours if it is stored for too long and can attract vermin. It is not surprising therefore that you would want to get rid of it as soon as is practically possible. Unfortunately there are significant ongoing costs for businesses to get rid of this waste. 

At MyGug we see things differently. We don't see food waste as a "waste" but as a renewable fuel. When you feed food waste into a MyGug it will turn it into a renewable gas (biogas) that can be used directly in your kitchen. This is a Win, Win for any business because on the one hand you eliminate the cost associated with food waste disposal and on the other hand you reduce your gas supply requirement because you convert that food waste directly into a usable fuel. As a general rule, every 10kg of food waste can be converted into the equivalent of 1kg of compressed gas. That is a lot of gas if you are disposing of lots of food waste. Some food wastes have an even higher energy content such as grease, cakes, bread and sugars etc. 

Come and talk to us and we will calculate how much you can save and how much energy you can create. 

The global food waste problem is a challenge for businesses and all of society. The negative impacts of food waste on the environment is well documented. At MyGug we allow businesses to take control of their own food waste and turn it into renewable energy. When you treat food waste close to where it arises and in a sustainable way you eliminate the possibility of contamination with other wastes, you eliminate emissions associated with waste collection vehicles and you reduce your own fossil fuel use. You might think that the positives end there but they don't... After your food waste goes through the digestion process releasing it's energy in the form of biogas you are also left with a liquid fertiliser. This liquid fertiliser is in an ideal form for plant uptake. This liquid fertiliser is called digestate and is ideal for growing more food. MyGug utilises mother nature's recycling system. There is no waste whatsoever.  

The image below is of our latest MyGug for a Café. This unit which will treat 5 Tonnes of food waste from the café per year and turn that food waste into the equivalent of 500kg of Compressed gas along with an abundance of liquid bio-fertilser. Further details about this digester can be viewed at:      MyGug for a Café


Would you like to boost the green credentials of your business?
Would you like to eliminate the cost of food waste disposal?
Would you like to use your food waste to generate a free and abundant source of cooking gas?
Get in contact with us and we will help you save money and boost your green credentials. 


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