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This is how your school or college can stand out as a beacon of sustainability

With MyGug food waste becomes biogas for cooking and fertiliser for growing. So you get a learning environment that’s not just greener and cleaner, but smart about sustainability.

‘Will MyGug work for my school’s or college’s food waste?’

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Educational Institutions trust MyGug to inspire sustainable leadership

Atlantic Technological University
Bandon Grammar School
Bishop Burton College
Kinsale CES
Kinsale FET
Munster Technologoical University
Kids with a MyGug in the garden

Schools and colleges like yours must lead by example

You’re shaping the next generation’s environmental stewards. This is exactly what the Sustainable Development Goals aim for. But they’re not just ideals. They’re expectations. Meaning your role has never been more critical. 

MyGug is your partner in this mission. We’re recognised by the Irish government in their sustainability guidelines as part of the School Sector – Climate Action Mandate. MyGug is your tool to integrate sustainability deeply into your curriculum. So you’re not just ticking a box. You’re setting the standard.

MyGug enables students to directly tackle food waste, turning a global challenge into a hands-on learning experience

Ireland’s first food-waste treatment system that fully integrates into your campus

MyGug is an easy-to-use anaerobic biodigester that sits outdoors. Through maceration and bacterial activity, it transforms your institution’s food waste into two incredible resources: clean biogas for cooking and liquid fertiliser for gardening.
MyGug Mini Slim

By converting nearly 100% of your food waste, you slash your LPG fuel use and cut out the carbon footprint of food waste collection. You also gift your gardens nutrient-rich, eco-friendly fertiliser.

Aiming for a Green Flag? MyGug directly contributes to the themes ‘Global Citizenship – Food and Biodiversity’ and ‘Litter and Waste’. So you make a statement that your school is pioneering a greener future.

Your school or college can contribute to these Sustainable Development Goals with MyGug

SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy
SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG 13 - Climate Action

Supports your students’ existing eco-efforts

With MyGug your students or staff can:

Already composting? MyGug is an upgrade. Unlike compost heaps, it processes nearly every type of food waste. No need to worry about contamination. And the sealed, odour-free environment doesn’t attract rodents or vermin. So your waste management is a breeze.

Above all, you make the global challenge of food waste tangible and manageable for your students. So sustainability isn’t an abstract idea, but an actionable practice they see and influence every day.

Chef Shane Deane examining his harvest

‘We don’t have to bring in salad ingredients from Spain’

MyGug is helping Bandon Grammar School create a true farm-to-fork circular economy. The fertiliser is used in the polytunnel to grow vibrant salad leaves and wildly delicious tomatoes that put any bland imports to shame.

The biogas is used to simmer an extremely rich and tasty chicken stock for canteen lunches. Beyond the kitchen, science classes visit the school’s MyGug to get an up-close look at anaerobic digestion in action. That’s how BGS is creating a conscious, educated community that’s committed to a sustainable future.

Recognised as a leading startup in the fight against climate change

The National Startup Awards - National Shortlist - Social / Sustainable Startup
The Irish Times Innovation Wards: Winner - Sustainability
Business Post 100 Hot Startups
Winner: AIB and Yield Lab Agtech start up 2023
Irish Times business person of the month 2023
Regional Finalist 2022: Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition

Get up to 3 hours’ cooking time per day

And other answers to important questions

The MyGug Mini, ideal for schools and colleges, and processes up to 5.5
kilograms of food waste per day. That generates enough biogas for up to 3 hours of cooking every day.

Pretty much any food you wish to grow. We hear many stories of how the nutrient-rich fertiliser has turned ‘impossible-to-grow’ veg into successes, even for amateur gardeners. Beyond veg, it enhances landscaping plants and flowers, making your garden an oasis of biodiversity.
The canteen is a perfect spot where it offers extra cooking capacity. But the biogas cooker is also a hit in staff rooms for reheating lunches, and in home economics classrooms, giving students hands-on experience with sustainable cooking.

The Mini, our recommended model for schools and colleges, is €6650+VAT, which includes the entire anaerobic biodigester system, biogas cooker and storage bag.  It’s an investment in the future. You’re not only making your campus greener, but providing invaluable lessons in sustainability and self-sufficiency to your students.

Schools and colleges across the spectrum have not only integrated MyGug into their campuses, but have embraced it as a cornerstone of their sustainability efforts.

By choosing MyGug, you’re joining a forward-thinking group that includes:

  • Bandon Grammar School
  • Kinsale Community School
  • Kinsale Further Education College
  • Bishop Burton College
  • University of Huddersfield

And the momentum is only growing with these institutions:

  • Munster Technological University
  • Atlantic Technological University
  • Technological University of the Shannon
  • Skibbereen Community School

By choosing MyGug, your institution steps into a role of active leadership in sustainability. Creating lasting impacts on both your students and the broader ecosystem.

Fiona Kelleher and Kieran Coffey, founders of MyGug

Turn food waste into your campus’s most valuable resource

Imagine the buzz when students fuel their next meal with clean energy they created. Picture the pride as they serve up greens they grew from canteen scraps. This is a future where your institution leads. Through hands-on learning. Real impact. Real change. It’s a future where your campus does more than teach sustainability – it lives it.

Young people are overwhelmed by the climate crisis and are looking for practical measures that they can take to make a difference. MyGug provides students with a real application of science that makes a difference.
Fergal McCarthy
Kinsale Community School
We are delighted with our MyGug, an excellent educational tool for students and staff alike. It converts food waste from our Home Economics rooms to a biogas and the fertiliser is used on our veggies in the school greenhouse.
Klaus Harvey
Kinsale Community School