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MyGug : Enjoy cooking and growing with renewable energy

MyGug Digester.......enjoy cooking and growing with home produced green energy

MyGug digesters are the most advanced micro-scale anaerobic digesters in the world. Each MyGug digester comes with a microcontroller, similar to the controls in your washing machine or dish washer. The micro controller provides our digesters with optimal digestion conditions which allows for a very stable and reliable digestion process. All you have to do is keep feeding your food waste into MyGug and it will produce endless amounts of biogas and liquid fertiliser. No more messy wastes hanging around in your kitchen or in your brown bin!
How it works…
MyGug can be used to dispose of nearly any food waste from your kitchen. This includes cooked and uncooked food waste as well as all types of liquid and semi liquid wastes including stews, porridge, toast, bread, cheese, eggs, cornflakes, yogurt, beans, peelings, soups, fruit, vegetables, sugar, preserves, oils fats and grease etc… Collect your food waste in a bowl and bring it over to MyGug. Remove the cover from the sink and turn on the macerator using the button on top of the cabinet, turn on the tap and then deposit your food waste in the sink and with the help of a wooden spoon or similar implement push the food waste down the drain until it is all macerated. When macerated, turn off the tap and replace the sink cover. It is as simple as that.
MyGug Anaerobic Digestion Vs Composting
MyGug Anaerobic Digester Composter
Accepts cooked and uncooked food waste including meat and dairy x
Does not require an additional carbon source to work properly x
Will create energy from the food waste in the form of biogas x
Is fully enclosed so will not attract vermin and flies x
Is fully automated and insulated x
Will produce a constant supply of fertiliser x
Will treat liquid wastes such as yogurt, soups, milk etc x

MyGug is a bin that never fills, a gas cylinder that never empties, and an unlimited source of liquid bio-fertiliser. 

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