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“MyGug” is a new Micro Scale Anaerobic Digester. The digester itself is shaped like an egg.

MyGug is a complete Food Waste treatment system that fully integrates into a western household/small food business setting. It will operate in all weathers and climates from -20 deg C in Northern Norway to +40 deg C in Southern Spain. The system is fully enclosed so there are no smells or vermin issues....


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MyGug is the perfect choice for all food waste disposal. It is an anaerobic digester installed in your garden that digests all raw and cooked food waste and uses it to produce a free reliable source of biogas perfectly suited to cooking.

MyGug provides a clean efficient and environmentally friendly method of disposing of all food waste.

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How the MyGug domestic anaerobic digestor works
How the MyGug anaerobic digestor works
The MyGug anaerobic digestor



Simply plug it in and it works! A uniquely designed automated system allows for minimal fuss.

MyGug will get on with the job of digesting food waste and creating energy as long as you keep feeding it.


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