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When your customers look to you to lead, how will you prove your commitment to sustainability?

Because your customers expect more than just great service. They also expect you to be a leader in sustainability. So let’s chat about how MyGug can turn your business into the carbon-friendly benchmark your customers will feel great about supporting.

‘Will MyGug work for my business’s food waste?’

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Recognised as a leading startup in the fight against climate change

Meet MyGug. Ireland’s first food waste treatment system that fully integrates into your food business.

MyGug is an easy-to-use anaerobic digester that sits outside your food business. Through maceration and bacterial activity, it transforms your food waste into clean, efficient and environmentally-friendly biogas for cooking as well as liquid fertiliser for gardening.
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Ireland’s only full solution for food waste

Easier than composting. Nearly 100% of your food waste goes in. Even foods you can’t compost like cooked meat, dairy and cakes.

Your own farm-to-fork circular economy

Anaerobic bacteria turn your food waste into a biogas for cooking and liquid fertiliser for gardening. So you can use your food waste to produce more food.

Kieran Coffey with a range of MyGugs

Cuts your carbon output – twice over

Not only will you reduce your reliance on LPG gas by generating your own biogas. You’ll also eliminate your need for food waste removal services that run on fossil fuel.

Keeps critters from sniffing out waste

Your food waste won’t sit around waiting to be collected. It goes directly into an enclosed unit that’s sealed. It doesn’t smell, and it doesn’t attract rodents or flies.

Fighting food waste in Ireland’s trusted publications

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The Echo
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Fiona Kelleher and Kieran Coffey, founders of MyGug

You’ve had your hands full reducing food waste grams per cover….

But still, food waste continues to pile up at the end of service each night. Why send it away when you can turn it into a valuable resource? MyGug gives you the power to turn food waste into renewable energy. All while minimising your carbon footprint. You’ll become a real sustainability superhero to your customers.