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Brown Bin

Bye bye, brown bin. 3 reasons food biz owners need a smarter food waste solution.

You’re a food business owner who cares about sustainability.

So you’re already well aware it’s not a good idea to send food waste to a landfill.

Because once it’s in a landfill, food waste rots and emits methane, a greenhouse gas that significantly contributes to climate change.

We can pretty much all agree that using your brown bin is a much better alternative.

(Besides, new regulations in Ireland will soon expect all businesses to use a brown bin.)

But a brown bin might not be the best or most sustainable solution for your food business.

Here’s why:

Food business staff member taking a bin out to a host of different, overflowing bins

1. You’ve got to really stay on top of your brown bin usage.

It takes discipline to manage a brown bin. And that can take up a lot of time and attention in a busy kitchen.

You have to stay organised – which often relies on how willing your provider is to work with you and share information.

Because once organisation lapses, the scheme quickly falls apart and leads to the wrong materials ending up in the wrong bins.

Costly for you once the new incentivised waste collection charges come into effect which will result in higher fees for the removal of improperly segregated waste.

Costly for the environment if your bin contaminates an entire lorry’s load of waste. And what could have been recycled or composted ends up in a landfill after all.

Maggots covering a brown bin

2. Then there’s the sanitary issue of storing food waste in a brown bin.

So you put all your business’s scraps and waste into a smelly bin… and then it’s meant to live outside your business until the next collection?

Meanwhile, that bin starts to look like prime feasting to any rodents or insects that come along.

Not ideal.

And a situation that’s only made worse whenever issues arise such as a bin that’s unexpectedly overflowing or a collection gets delayed.

Which, unfortunately, means using a brown bin just isn’t the most sanitary (or pleasingly aromatic) option available.

A food waste processing plant

3. Hoping to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels? Using your brown bin could be holding you back.

In fact, outsourcing the collection of your food waste contributes to fossil fuel dependence.

Because the trucks that transport food waste run on fossil fuels. So do the processing plants where the food waste is taken.

And just like that, what had seemed like a sustainable solution doesn’t get quite the glowing marks upon further inspection.

Yellow MyGug

‘Makes more sense than a brown bin’

So where does that leave you?

Maybe at this point thinking: surely there’s a better way?

There certainly is…

It’s to take food waste entirely into your own control. To adopt a full food waste treatment system on your site.

All you need is a micro-scale anaerobic biodigester made for your small food business.

You put nearly 100% of your food waste into the biodigester. Then it’s broken down and converted into a biogas for cooking and liquid fertiliser for gardening.

That’s right, you get to cook on your food waste. That’s free energy.

And you also get a free fertiliser that’s ready to use. So you’re essentially growing more food with your food waste.

What’s more, the unit is completely sealed and odour-free. No smells. No rodents or insects hanging around.

Once you experience how easy this system is to use, you won’t miss your brown bin at all.

Bandon Grammar head chef Shane with MyGug founder Kieran

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels – in two ways

First by generating your own source of renewable energy through the production of biogas.

And second by eliminating your need for a food waste collection service that runs on fossil fuels.

You’ll easily process your food waste on your own premises.

Which means, you don’t have to send your food waste anywhere for it to do a world of good.

Turning your food waste into your own fuel and fertiliser. It’s the smart solution you’ve deserved all along.

Find out how you can ditch the inconvenience of the brown bin for good. Click here to take the first, easy step now.

Crush your food waste goals. Be a sustainability leader.

Talk to us about taking control of your business’s food waste.

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